How to Manage Multi-Location Clients

Congratulations! You just landed a new multi-location / franchise client. Onboarding a new client is always an exciting yet very busy and challenging time. Read the full text on:


3 digital marketing opportunities for franchises

Columnist Jason Decker explores often-neglected tactics that can give you an edge in a local market. Read the full text on:


Why “Near Me” is Critical for Multi-Location Businesses

As searchers become increasingly mobile, hyper-local searches are on the rise. Columnist Jason Decker believes that multi-location businesses stand to benefit the most.
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Local Search Case Study

Improve Your Local Search Marketing

Client Case Study: Local Search Marketing Solutions Background: Our client is one of the largest hospital organizations in the nation. They have 208 hospitals in 29 states, with more than 135,000 employees and 27,000 physicians. This company relies on to improve their local online marketing results. Goal: To be prominently and accurately listed in local…

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5 Trends In Local Search In 2015

Columnist Jason Decker reviews the year’s biggest developments in local search marketing. Which of these has impacted you the most? Read the full text on:


SmartSearch Marketing Offers Franchise Digital Marketing Scorecard

SmartSearch Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in search marketing solutions for medium- to large-sized franchise operations, today announced the release of a franchise digital marketing scorecard. The scorecard is available to all multi-location businesses interested in investigating the effectiveness of their online marketing program.

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Google My Business Update: Special Hours Now Available

Google announced on November 2nd that special holiday hours will be available for Google My Business listings. This feature is available for small business owners as well as those with Google My Business List accounts (a.ka Google Bulk accounts). The new “Special Hours” or “Holiday Hours” comes out just in time for the holiday season. Read more


The New Google Local Search Display

Recently, Google has made several changes to how it displays local search results. Columnist Jason Decker explains these changes and discusses the impact for local search marketers. Read the full text on:


Is Google Disabling Inactive Google Plus Pages ?!?!

Recent statements from a Google Moderator claim they will shut down Google Plus accounts with no activity for a significant amount of time.  Here are my thoughts on this announcement and its potential impact to business owners… info


Google Doorway Page Update: The Death of Service Area Local Landing Pages?

Recently the Google Search Quality Team made an update to their view of “Doorway Pages”. This change could have a significant impact on businesses that provide webpages with local content for multiple locations such as service area businesses. Read on to find out if your local web content will be viewed as undesirable doorway pages or if you pass the Google test…. Read more