Maximize “Word of Mouth” Marketing

Customer reviews play a major role in the success of every local business. A few negative reviews or a poor star rating could impact your bottom line.

Marketing today is peer-to-peer: people choose products and services based on feedback from other people! Based on this, local businesses must monitor reviews, respond to customers, and understand trends in market perception.


Customer Review Monitoring Process

We monitor customer reviews from the most important review sites. We compile review data and report on tone, topic, star rating, and trends over time. We provide strategic expertise on how to continuously leverage reviews to better meet your business goals.

Our services are flexible: choose the scope and frequency that best meet your needs. Our review service helps a single-place business or franchises with thousands of locations. You can monitor reviews by individual location, region, or aggregated as a whole.

Respond to customer reviews — or let us handle this significant task on your behalf.


Reviews Impact Local SEO

In local search, reviews are key: good reviews improve your local search results; bad reviews will drop your rank. Our review monitoring team works in concert with our local SEO department to ensure your reviews boost your SEO results.


Customer Review Monitoring Service

  • Customer review monitoring by location, region, or brand
  • Review individual reviews/comments.
  • Report trends over time — by tone, topic, channel, rating
  • Tools and strategies to generate new (Positive) reviews
  • Customized reporting
  • Reputation improvement plans